Our Safe Hands Deliver Quality & Timely Insights


  • Exclusively in-house:
    –  CATI facilities
    –  Online surveys
    –  Mixed methodology projects
    –  Intercept interviewing team
    –  Data entry and analysis
    –  Proprietary conjoint analysis technique
  • Experienced in customer service research, segmentation, stakeholder satisfaction, driver analysis, pricing, demand forecasting, willingness to pay, customer satisfaction, campaign evaluation.


  • Psychology based research techniques for gaining qualitative insights e.g. Interlocking planet projectives, anthropological archetypes, visual metaphor elicitation, response latency tasks
  • Depth of experience in Government and social research –formative research, concept testing, communication strategy development
  • Use a range of methods to gain insights – group discussions, in-depth interviews, accompanied interviews, wayfinding, ethnography